Melinda Maria Jewelry Reviews

Melinda Maria has been producing jewelry since she was a teenager. The happiness of creating products for all people becomes a foundation for manufacturing jewels in Melinda Maria Jewelry. This beautiful founder founded this company in 2005. 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Reviews
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This company is known for its timeless and classic designs, loved by Hollywood celebs. Besides the abovementioned artists, Angela Bassett, Zendaya, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, also Taylor Swift have ever worn this Melinda’s jewelry! 

You’ll love wearing the products because they feature hypoallergenic material, which suits all skin types, even sensitive ones. Melinda wants you to feel precious no matter what the jewelry price. Further, she aims to create jewels for all occasions

The company review is written much in the press, including Forbes, Vogue, People, etc. Since many celebs wore the products, this unintentional advertisement brings over 143K followers on Facebook and 339K on Instagram! 

Thus, its net worth estimation reached $20 million in 2021. Does your idol include the celebs who wear it? If yes, stay tuned to this Melina Maria Jewelry review to learn more about the company. Without waiting any longer, let’s read now! 

Why Shop at Melinda Maria Jewelry?

Melinda Maria, a.k.a Marinda Spigel (taken after her husband’s name), is fortunate because her artwork is known worldwide. This gorgeous woman handcrafted every product with love and sent it securely to every customer. 

Why Shop at Melinda Maria Jewelry?
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Then, look at the list below for more plus points about this company! 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Highlights 

  • Los Angeles-based company
  • Handcrafted with love by the founder
  • Features hypoallergenic and high-quality materials
  • Timeless nickel-free design with a classic touch 
  • Contains real 18K-gold plated and silver material 
  • Famous and loved by Hollywood celebrities 
  • Provides lifetime guarantee for purchased jewelry 
  • Ships domestically and internationally 
  • Offers free shipping for local and international orders
  • Receives many good feedbacks from customers and press

What's on Melinda Maria Jewelry

Women and jewelry are inseparable. This company’s founder tends to create the design you’ll love for whatever occasion you attend. Then, what kind of categories are available from this place? 

What's on Melinda Maria Jewelry
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Below are 10 categories you’ll see on the site: 

Necklaces Earrings
Rings Zodiacs
The Hoop Shop  Chains
Bracelets and Anklets  Body Jewelry
Engravable Gift Card

Meanwhile, this Melinda Maria Jewelry review will focus only on these 4 best-selling: 

So, let’s discuss the first product now immediately!

Melinda Maria Jewelry The Queen's Necklace Reviews

Say hi to the 16 inches length of The Queen’s Necklace! This necklace is a perfect addition to your daily or special occasions. You can wear it anywhere to increase your confidence. 

Melinda Maria Jewelry The Queen's Necklace Reviews
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In addition, it is available in gold and silver with 71 white Diamondettes. The stone size is 5 x 5 mm each, which makes your performance more luxurious! 

The packaging features a latch box push clasp. So, are you ready to wear this necklace to feel more sparkly and glamorous

Melinda Maria Jewelry Oh She Fancy Ear Cuff Reviews

Are you a fan of ear cuff? If so, you can’t skip this simple yet gorgeous Oh She Fancy Ear Cuff to your ears. This cuff offers two shades, gold and silver. Both option has 3mm white Diamondettes and are sold individually.

Melinda Maria Jewelry Oh She Fancy Ear Cuff Reviews
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It is 6 inches wide, which is the perfect size. As a result, you can buy it for one of your ears or buy two simultaneously. So, where will you destine after wearing this fancy ear cuff

Melinda Maria Jewelry The Baby Heiress Ring Reviews

Melinda handcrafted another product that will attract your attention immediately. The Baby Heiress Ring features an 18K gold-plated material over brass. 

Melinda Maria Jewelry The Baby Heiress Ring Reviews
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Every stone is 2 mm wide and made of Round White CZ, adding glamour to your look. Further, the ring is available in 5 to 9 sizes. So, on which finger will you wear this beautiful ring? 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Mel's Mystery Box Reviews

Sometimes, you need a little surprise to get a high tension. One way you can do this is to buy this Mel’s Mystery Box. It is made for you and picked personally by the owner. 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Mel's Mystery Box Reviews
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In addition, it features 4 products worth $200+! You can choose between gold and silver, allowing you to match it with your preference. So. don’t you curious about the piece you’ll get from the box? 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Pricing

As discussed, this company believes that the beauty of jewelry does not define by the price. Instead, it is how effectively the product makesake you look more glamorous.

So, how much money should you have to purchase the abovementioned jewelry? Here is the price: 

The Queen’s Necklace $185.00
Oh She Fancy Ear Cuff $52.00
The Baby Heiress Ring $38.00
Mel’s Mystery Box $98.00

Click the link below, and let’s get the offer now! 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Sale

The founder is generous by offering special discounts and deals. Here is the list: 

  • Subscribe to the official website for 10% off your first-time purchase 
  • Text MELINDA to 775-74 and receive a 10% discount code for your first-time order and a gift 
  • Buy Mystery Box worths $200+ for only $98 
  • Join the MM Club to claim special perks 
  • Refer a $10 discount to your friend, and get another $10 off your order 

Then, are you ready to purchase your desired bracelets

Melinda Maria Jewelry Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of this jewelry company? Look no further than reading the following comparison! 


  • High-quality jewelry with classic designs 
  • Suits teenagers, adults, and the older people 
  • Perfect for all occasions 
  • Affordable price 
  • Free shipping for all US standard orders
  • Provides free US expedited shipping fee for orders over $150 
  • International shipping fee is free for purchases over $150 
  • 14-day return policy  


  • Customized items and sale products aren’t eligible for returns. 
  • Mystery box purchases are non-refundable. 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Customer Reviews

This time, let’s make a deeper consideration before placing an order. This section will focus on how many ratings the products get and how satisfied the customers are after their purchases. So, let’s get started! 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Customer Reviews
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Take a look at the ratings below: 

Meanwhile, an utterance from a satisfied customer said: 

Superb quality! I’ve been in the diamond industry for many years, and this one is absolutely amazing! I love it – worth every penny!

This customer, who has worked in the diamond industry, can’t stop admiring the product. She stated that the product is superb for the money. 

Another customer said: 

I love the ring stacked. I also purchased one for my daughter, and she loves it! The pieces are very affordable and look so great.

This customer has purchased twice for her and her child. Both love the piece due to its fantastic shape and reasonable price. 

The last customer stated: 

It is so fun receiving the mystery box. The items selection is varied, and all are current pieces. The quality of each item is outstanding. I love opening the box because it feels like Christmas!

This mystery box customer is delighted because her purchase comes great. Every piece of jewelry is impressive, and she feels like Christmas! 

In short, Melinda Maria Jewelry will provide you with the best service no matter what you purchase. Thus, every customer is satisfied with the high-quality products they receive. 

Is Melinda Maria Jewelry Worth It?

If you are searching for high-quality jewelry at a lower price, trusting this worth-buying Melinda Maria Jewelry is a must. You don’t need to check it on Reddit because celebs prove its quality thoroughly. 

Is Melinda Maria Jewelry Worth It?
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Furthermore, you can relieve because the product features a Lifetime Guarantee. Therefore, which piece of jewelry will you purchase? Don’t forget to fill in your cart over $150 and receive free expedited shipping now! 

Where to Buy Melinda Maria Jewelry

Melinda designs the products exclusively and sells them only on the official website. She does not offer them on another platform, including the marketplace. 

You may find it on several marketplaces, but the company has no official store there. It is better to be careful and avoid it due to the dupes and scams possibility. 

Don’t forget to fill in your cart over $150 to receive a free US expedited shipping fee. So, which earrings and rings you’ll wear for your important date? 

Melinda Maria Jewelry Customer Service

While shopping here, you may face a problem. If you do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service at: 

The team will be online from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM PST. Meanwhile, if you want to meet them face-to-face, here is the address to visit: 

Melinda Maria Designs Address
740 North La Brea Ave, 
Los Angeles, CA 90038 


Dig deeper on Melinda Maria Jewelry

Are you curious about more things from this company? Worry not because the following answers will relieve you. So, take a look closer! 

Who is the owner of Melinda Maria Jewelry?

Melinda Maria is the founder and owner of this jewelry company. 

Where is Melinda Maria Jewelry made?

The founder handcrafted every product in Los Angeles, USA. 

What is Melinda Maria jewelry made of?

The company uses 18K-gold plated and silver material. 

Is Melinda Maria Jewelry real gold?

Yes, it is made of real 18K gold plated material. 

Does Melinda Maria Jewelry tarnish?

It doesn’t. But removing the jewel before bathing, swimming, or applying cosmetics is recommended. 


Melinda Maria Jewelry is an affordable place offering handcrafted jewelry from Los Angeles. This company gains customer trust because many celebs wear it for many occasions. 

Further, will you stare longing for your arrived package from this company? Because whatever product you’ll purchase, Melinda sends the best quality. So, let’s place an order for your desired piece of jewelry! 

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