Manly Bands Reviews

Is Manly Bands a real company?

It all started when John and Michelle searched for a nice band for their wedding. Sadly, they couldn’t find a better option. This couple then moved to the countryside and created Manly Bands in November 2016

Manly Bands Reviews
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The spouse utilizes their garage to manufacture high-quality rings for everyone, from 5 to 17 sizes! In addition, they offer the best material from wood, tungsten, gold, and even dinosaur bone! 

The company prioritize customer by providing birch box and thank you cards. Both of them are managed by John’s mom and Michelle’s mother. Thanks to the attention, many couples are satisfied with the accurate sizing

Even better, it has licensed collections collaborating with artsy artworks. You’ll find thematic rings from Lord of The Rings, Jack Daniel’s, and even DC! Fans of this artwork will be nut after seeing the collections. 

The company is listed on 388 as one of Inc 500 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Further, the company grew significantly, resulting in over 128K followers on Instagram and 219K others on Facebook. 

Stay tuned to this Manly Bands review if you can’t find a perfect ring for your finger. Whether you hold an engagement or a wedding, this brand is the best option. Then, let’s start the discussion! 

Why Shop at Manly Bands?

When you ask why you should buy from this company, the answer is its hassle-free exchanges. This perk allows you to ask for an exchange if your first-time order size is wrong. Further, the team will send the correct size right after. 

Why Shop at Manly Bands?
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Other than the exchange, you can learn the company’s plus points listed below: 

Manly Bands Highlights 

  • Designed in Utah men’s wedding bands and engagement rings
  • Provides free ring sizer for accurate measurement 
  • Authentic design using high-quality materials 
  • Available in 5 to 17 sizes 
  • Well-made and handcrafted 
  • Offers in-stock and customized orders 
  • Collaborates with famous artworks 
  • Ships internationally 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Receives many positive reviews from customers 

What's On Manly Bands

This company’s exclusive collection and authentic designs have attracted many customers, especially those with plus-sized bodies. Then, let’s see what kind of designs they offer you here! 

What's On Manly Bands
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When you visit the official website, you’ll see these 3 categorizations

Based on Licensed Collections

Based on Popular Collections

Based on Material Classification

Not only the rings created for men but also for women. Further, this Mandly Bands review will discuss the following best-selling: 

Without waiting any longer, let’s delve into The Cowboy now! 

Manly Bands The Cowboy Reviews

Say hi to the most sold ring, a domed design for comfortable wear, The Cowboy. It is durable due to the tungsten and Hawaiian Koa wood combination. Moreover, it portrays a desert and horse from a cowboy well. 

Manly Bands The Cowboy Reviews
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The design is authentic, with an 8 mm wide. This ring features a custom engraving and is available in 5 to 17 sizes. Not to mention, the piece has a 1-year warranty. Then, are you ready to wear it on your finger and give a new look to your appearance? 

Manly Bands The Best Man Reviews

Do you prefer a solid color rather than a combination? If so, buying The Best Man may be the best answer! It is not manufactured with a metal but with silicone. The ring is 8 mm wide, which is classic and refined. 

Manly Bands The Best Man Reviews
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In addition, you can choose the size from 5 to 17. The color availability is black, gunmetal, light grey, navy, denim, and royal. You may wear this beveled-design ring for your daily activities. Plus, with a one-year warranty, your purchase is worth it! 

Manly Bands The Baller Reviews

Some of you may not be fond of a sleek design. Yet, worry not because The Baller is made of black-plated tungsten with a satin finish. It is 8 mm wide and features a one-year warranty to ensure quality. 

Manly Bands The Baller Reviews
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Customers can be relieved because the size varies from 5 to 17. Furthermore, the black shade suits all skin tones. You can even wear this beveled design ring for any occasion. Whether on your daily activities or special events. 

Manly Bands The Jurassic Reviews

As discussed, the company creates licensed products from famous artwork, one of them is The Jurassic. The ring will remind you of Jeff Goldblum of Jurassic Park. It is unique with a 5 mm black dinosaur bone inlay and desert ironwood. 

Manly Bands The Jurassic Reviews
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The ring itself is 9 mm wide with a rock-polished finish. Since it is a special edition, you can customize the size based on your finger. It also features a lifetime limited warranty! Then, are you ready to show off this domed design to your friend? 

Manly Bands The Aragorn Reviews

Another licensed collection comes from Lord of the Rings, The Aragorn. It is a perfect portrayal of our beloved protagonist character, who is loyal and brave. This product offers a customizable size with an 8 mm wide.

Manly Bands The Aragorn Reviews
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It features a lifetime limited warranty due to its high-quality craft. The ring is made of black zirconium with sterling silver and desert ironwood. Thus, the distressed finish and domed stepped-edge design will improve your look. 

Manly Bands Pricing

While reaching this section, we believe you have one chosen band from the products above. Therefore, the table below will define the price you must pay. Here is the detail: 

The Cowboy  $185
The Best Man $30
The Baller $185
The Jurassic $731
The Aragorn  $521

Customers can ask for a customized engraving by paying for $30 additional cost. Further, the actions below will let you buy the ring at a lower price:

  • Win a $100 gift card by signing up for a mailing list subscription 
  • Join the VIP newsletters and get a 20% coupon code 
  • Save 25% sitewide for the Fall Sale with the BEARDANDFLANNER discount code (limited)
  • Enjoy special saving for the GovX ID Military Discount 
  • etc. 

Manly Bands Pros and Cons

Let’s take a moment to learn more about the company in the pros and cons form. Then, here they are: 


  • Handcrafted men’s jewelry for small to huge sizes 
  • Unique designs and well-made
  • 1-year warranty for in-stock products
  • Lifetime limited warranty for customized products 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free US shipping fee using USPS first-class courier 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No exact information about international shipping 

Manly Bands Customer Testimonials

After knowing the pros and cons, it’s time to look deeper into the testimonials. Special for you, this Mandly Bands review will include ratings, too! 

Manly Bands Customer Testimonials
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Here are the ratings information: 

In addition, this testimonial comes from a satisfied customer, saying: 

I got this for my hubby to replace the old band that was worn and it fits perfectly. It’s gorgeous, and such high quality. It was also delivered in a day and a half. Highly recommend.

This customer is happy because she can replace her husband’s band with the Cowboy. Moreover, the product is impressive and fast in shipping, which is recommended. 

Another customer says: 

I’ve been wearing this band for a two weeks now, and I really love it. It is lightweight, looks so great, and fits perfectly as expected. Thank you so much Manly Bands!

This customer loves the Jurassic he gets on his finger. Not only is it amazing, but also it is lightweight and fits so well. 

In short, Manly Bands successfully attracts customer’s attention with unique designs and variations of sizes. Thus, customers are thankful for the products and satisfied with the service. 

Is Manly Bands Worth It?

Is Manly Bands a good brand?

Plus-sized people must be delighted because they have a new option for well-made rings. Indeed, Manly Bands is worth investing in due to its high-quality products and various designs. 

Is Manly Bands Worth It?
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In addition, you can get the product with your preferred material. Not to mention the hassle-free exchange and free ring sizer. So, are you ready to place an order for your special day

Is Manly Bands Legit?

Manly Bands is legit due to its informative website. This company is trusted by many customers, resulting in high ratings for every product they sell. You can also check the company profile and contact person for a better understanding.

If you find the company untrustworthy, you can check the customer testimonials. Then, you can leave Reddit and judge the company on your own. 

Where to Buy Manly Bands

Is your groom ready to buy the band? Then, visit the official website and start ordering your desired design. This company also offers products on a marketplace like Amazon. 

Unfortunately, the collection in that store is incomplete. You would not find the limited edition, including the Lord of The Rings and DC.

Further, the 0n-site purchase allows you to get a free ring sizer and avoid resizing your jewelry piece. So, will you buy the in-stock items or get the limited ones? 

Manly Bands Customer Service

For customers who face a problem during or after purchasing the rings, you don’t need to be scared. Why? Because customer service is ready to help. Please get in touch with them at: 

Should you need a fast response, leaving a message on the Live Chat features is also a great option. Then, please wait for at least 24 hours to get the reply. Remember not to send it twice because you’ll postpone the answer. 


Dig deeper on Manly Bands

We know you can’t stop looking for more information about the brand. Below are some answers to your questions. 

Are Manly Bands good?

Absolutely! The products are amazing, allowing you with different finger sizes to have unique kinds of rings. 

Where did Manly Bands come from?

The product is designed and shipped from Utah. 

Does Manly Bands use real dinosaur bone?

Yes! The company uses authentic dinosaur bone that is coated to be water-resistant. 


Manly Bands is a jewelry company offering rings for everyone. The company aims to create badass products for daily occasions and special events. You can even buy it for people with big hands. 

Groom-to-be may get the well-made and terrific ring due to the high-quality materials. They won’t hurt your finger since the design is comfortable. So, which material you prefer the most? Let’s check the site and grab it now!

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