GLDN Jewelry Reviews

GLDN Jewelry was founded in November 2016 by a single mother who aspires to create personalized gifts. Chrissy makes the jewelry personal in her kitchen. 

GLDN Jewelry Reviews
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Years later, her company grew bigger to own more than 85 makers. Additionally, they own a bigger studio located in La Conner, Washington. These people handcraft all items with care and love. 

Furthermore, the materials are better since they are recycled. The company proves that it is ethical and sustainable. Due to this success rate, Chrissy profits 10% from every purchase to empower organizations. 

You can see the company on the Strategist, ELLE, and A CUP OF JO. It has more than 188K followers on Facebook and 244K on Instagram. 

If you want to know better about this GLDN Jewely review, read on because I will break it down thoroughly. Hence, let’s jump into the next section now! 

Why Shop at GLDN Jewelry?

The previous section shows that the company has many good things to offer. I know you need another pursue to purchase from GLDN Jewelry. Then, read on to learn strength from this jewel provider. 

Why Shop at GLDN Jewelry?
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GLDN Jewelry Highlights

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Recycled materials that are also sustainable
  • Ordering personalized items is easy and efficient
  • Complete collections from daily occasions, heirlooms, and celebrations of love
  • Cost-effective for gifts or wedding attire 
  • Generous to share 10% to empowerment organizations 

What's On GLDN Jewelry

I know that you have an eye for this jewel company. Hence, this section will discuss product categories from GLDN Jewelry

What's On GLDN Jewelry
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It offers six categories, is: 

Necklaces Rings
Earrings Bracelets
Anklets Add-ons and Extras

Since discussing a long article is boring, this GLDN Jewelry review will only focus on these two:

Without waiting any longer, let’s begin the first product review! 

GLDN Jewelry Bennett Necklace Reviews

Bennett Necklace is a medium disk with tiny initial tags. It is available in 17-19 inches and 19-21 inches. These two are adjustable, making them comfortable on your neck. 

GLDN Jewelry Bennett Necklace Reviews
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Additionally, you can choose between four materials: 14K Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Fill, and 14K Solid Gold. The initial tag is 6mm, but you may add up to 5 tags. 

Also, the chain width is around 1.2mm wide. If you need it to give your beloved people, customize the design from letters, texts, or images. 


  • Offers four materials
  • Available in two adjustable sizes
  • Suitable for customize orders
  • Customers can add up to five tags 
  • Perfect for gifts

Then, let’s prepare a budget and purchase this necklace under these price categories. 

14K Gold Fill  $76
Sterling Silver $67
Rose Gold Fill $76
14K Solid Gold $390

GLDN Jewelry Flora Ring Reviews

Flora Ring is the GLDN Jewelry original flower illustrations. It features twenty-three designs from aster, camellia, cherry blossom, iris, lily, sunflower, etc. 

GLDN Jewelry Flora Ring Reviews
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This ring is simple yet astonishing due to three available materials 14K Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, and 14K Solid Gold. Moreover, you can choose the size from 4 to 9. 

Its bandwidth is 1mm with 8 x 10 mm oval sizes. Thanks to its gorgeous shape, you can purchase it for yourself or your beloved people. 


  • Offers three materials
  • Available in 4-9 sizes
  • Suitable for customize orders 
  • Perfect for gifts

Look at the price classification below and start shopping for this ring now! 

14K Gold Fill $72
Sterling Silver $68
14K Solid Gold $194

GLDN Jewelry Pricing

Jewels tend to be expensive due to the high-quality materials. However, this company has a different motivation. The team will not be delighted if you are unhappy, either. 

The price ranges of the products are around $38 to $258. Remember that the customized item’s price may be higher. So, let’s seek coupon codes or buy them during big events. Thus, you can buy them at lower prices. 

GLDN Jewelry Size Guide

Before purchasing the jewels, you must have a specific and detailed size guide. This exact size will bring you to the well-fitted items. So follow the steps below to find your size. 

  1. First, prepare the tools, including string or measurement tape, a pen, and a ruler.
  2. After that, wrap it around your finger, wrist, or neck. 
  3. Mark down the limit and measure the number with a ruler
  4. Then, suit the number to the size guide available in the product’s explanation
  5. Everything’s set! 

Remember that necklaces, rings, and bracelets have different size guides. So, ensure you get the number well to get the best size for your body parts. 

GLDN Jewelry Care

Somehow, taking care of jewelry requires a lot of attention. Fortunately, this company wants you to make it easy with five simple methods. Here, I will tell you the recommended steps. 

  1. Avoid chemicals in your pieces, so use skincare and cosmetics before wearing your jewel
  2. You may shower with your jewel but keep it only on clean water. Remember to avoid wearing it on harsh soaps. 
  3. Don’t sweat the jewel into the pool, beach, hot tubs, and heavy exercise seasons
  4. Clean your pieces deeply with a gentle soap or baking soda occasionally. If you find any dirt, use a toothbrush to remove it. 
  5. Lastly, clean and dry the jewelry before storing it in a container. 

You may also give more care by reading these Care Tips. Your jewel will keep shining and shimmering as long as you follow the guides. 

GLDN Jewelry Personalized Orders

The company has many collections to offer, including personalized orders. Below, I will tell you how to place a customized order. 

  1. First, open the website and select your preferred design
  2. Then, click I Have a Special Request then go on with Personalize and Add Tags
  3. After that, you may begin designing your order by writing a text or uploading a logo
  4. Once you finish, review your piece and ensure the design completes
  5. Add your customized design to your cart and check it out
  6. That’s it! 

You can finish the customized order in less than 5 minutes. The process is simple, and customers may design whatever they prefer. So, let’s visit the link below to start customizing a piece of jewelry now! 

GLDN Jewelry Pros and Cons

You learn much concerning the brand in the GLDN Jewelry review. But do you know what the pros and cons are? Here they are. 

GLDN Jewelry Pros

  • Recycled and sustainable jewelry
  • Made of real gold and sterling silver
  • Daily needs or wedding jewelry 
  • Suitable for girl teenagers, adults, or the elderly 
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • Offers customized orders 
  • Donate 10% on every purchase to empowerment organizations 
  • 6-month to the 3-year warranty policy
  • Ships internationally
  • US free ground shipping for orders of $95+
  • US free rush shipping for orders of $150+
  • International complimentary shipping fee for orders more than $150
  • 30-day return policy 

GLDN Jewelry Cons

Currently, I can’t find any unpleasant things from the company. 

Is GLDN Jewelry Worth to Buy?

Jewelry on earth is piling up each year. However, this company uses another method to create jewels from recyclable and sustainable materials. The design is also credible and well-made. 

Moreover, you can wear it alone or give it to your beloved people. Simply put, GLDN Jewelry is worth checking and buying. Then, let’s buy your preferred items before the stock runs out! 

GLDN Jewelry Customer Reviews

Many people are looking for the brand’s reviews Reddit. So I want you to have more insights on this GLDN Jewelry review by discussing the rating and customer satisfaction. 

GLDN Jewelry Customer Reviews
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First, here are the ratings of the abovementioned jewels.

To complete the section, here is a customer said: 

I have been wanting a necklace with my kids’ initials for years, and this item is perfect. It’s very dainty and truly beautiful!

This customer is pleased due to the dainty and gorgeous Bennett Necklace. Ideally, she gets her children’s initials! 

Another one said:

I have two items from these rings, and I love them! Its band is thin and dainty. Also the floral disk makes a nice look.

This happy customer owns two Flora Rings. She is satisfied with the thin and dainty band, allowing her to have well-made jewelry. 

Therefore, I can conclude that GLDN Jewelry creates the best and most gorgeous jewelry for all customers. Hence, many customers love the look and are satisfied with their purchase. 

How to Contact GLDN Jewelry

Suppose you need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at the following steps:

The team is available through these periods. 

  • Monday to Friday from 8 am -5 pm PST
  • Saturday from 9 am – 4 pm PST

Furthermore, you may also visit the studio where artisans create your order at the following location. 

GLDN Jewelry Address
539 3rd Street, La Conner
Washington, USA

GLDN Jewelry Repair

This jewel company offers a six-month warranty on all sterling silver, gold fill, and rose gold jewelry. Noteworthy for solid gold items, you will receive a 3-year warranty

Whenever you need a repair, merely contact the team through The team will pleasantly aid in recreating broken, tarnished, and shape-loss jewelry under the warranty period. 

Where to Buy GLDN Jewelry

The only place to purchase jewelry from the company is through the official website. You can check anything from earrings, rings, or even chain necklaces in this place. 

Furthermore, the team will gladly help with your orders. Do not forget to subscribe for a $10 discount code on your first order. So, let’s purchase your preferred design ASAP! 


Dig deeper on GLDN Jewelry

As a customer, you may want to ask more concerning the design or materials. So, here are the brand’s answers towards your questions. 

Does GLDN Jewelry last?

Due to the high-quality and handmade items, all of the jewels from this company are long-lasting. However, you may experience a tarnish gradually. Hence, give more attention to your gem to avoid tarnishing. 

Where is GLDN jewely made?

All of the items from this company are handcrafted with love in the studio in Pacific Northwest, La Conner, WA. 

Does GLDN use real gold?

Definitely! The company uses real gold with high-quality thick layers. 

Is GLDN ethical?

The brand is ethical because it produces handcrafted jewelry and appreciates all workers well. 

What is GLDN Jewelry shipping policy?

The company ships domestically and internationally. US orders of $95+ will receive free ground shipping.

Also, you may enjoy complimentary rush shipping with orders of more than $150. In contrast, international shipping will receive a complimentary fee if you order more than $150


Personalized jewelry is a perfect option that can make you more distinctive. You may also use it to express your feeling towards your favorite person. 

GLDN Jewelry gives you the best option for recycled and sustainable materials. So, let’s check out your preferred item and reward yourself with beautiful items!

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