Lokai Bracelets Reviews

Who are the owners of Lokai?

Steven Izen has his lowest time of life due to his grandfather. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer which made him sad. But then he realized to stay hopeful during this condition.

Lokai Bracelets Reviews
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Then, he created Lokai in 2011 to help people find a balance between the highest and the lowest. This company has a simple logo that seems like bead and water. 

What makes it unique is the elements inside the beads. This founder uses a white bead that fills water from the world’s highest point, Mt Everest. Also, a black bead fills with mud from the lowest point, the Dead Sea

Due to this strength, the company features popular media such as Netflix’s Stranger Things, the special bracelet Disney Princess, and many more. Furthermore, it has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram! 

So if you are looking for accessories that can balance your mindset, look further to this Lokai review. Now, let’s move to the following chapter below! 

Why Shop at Lokai Bracelets?

After reading the introduction of the brand, this section will discuss the strengths worth buying. So read on to find the good points in the explanation below. 

Why Shop at Lokai Bracelets?
Image credit: facebook.com/livelokai
facebook.com/livelokai https://facebook.com/livelokai

Lokai Highlights 

  • Made exclusively with water from the highest place and mud from the lowest place worldwide
  • Remind customers to stay humble during the most significant situations and hopeful when life is hard.
  • Offers 20% off for membership buyers
  • Collaborates with many famous companies such as Disney, Pixar, football clubs, etc
  • Donates 10% of every purchase to Mental Health empowerment, Animal Rescue, Environment, Pride, Autism, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer, etc

What's On Lokai Bracelets

As previously discussed, you know that the company offers bracelet accessories. In addition, there are several categories, including original items and collaborations. 

What's On Lokai Bracelets
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facebook.com/livelokai https://facebook.com/livelokai

Below are examples of famous and most-bought items. 

Core Collection Stone & Metal
Charms  Member Exclusives
Mental Health Collection Animal Rescue Bracelet
Environment Bracelet Pride Collection
Alzheimer Collection Autism Bracelet
Breast Cancer Bracelet Diabetes Bracelet
Make-a-Wish Collection Veteran Bracelets
Stigma-free Collection Everyday Heroes 
Stand-up to Cancer Collection National Geographic
Disney Collection Star Wars

But this Lokai review will concentrate on two, are:

Without waiting any longer, let’s begin the first product review! 

Lokai Classic Bracelet Reviews

This iconic bracelet is the first ever created item by this company. It features white silicone beads and two combinations of Mt Everest water and the Dead Sea mud. 

Lokai Classic Bracelet Reviews
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lokai.com https://lokai.com

Classic Bracelet is available in four sizes, from S to XL. Additionally, it slides on style and stretches over the wrist. You’ll donate 10% of your purchase to the charity if you purchase this item. 


  • White silicone beads
  • Features water and mud 
  • Available in S to XL 
  • 10% of the purchase is donated to charity 

So if you are interested in taking care of your mindset, prepare a budget for $18 to get this item. Furthermore, you can get it for only $14.40 by joining a membership. 

Lokai Disney Pixar Coco Bracelet Reviews

Are you a fan of Coco? This movie is one of the most fantastic collaborations between Disney and Pixar. Due to this reason, this bracelet company created one with skull themes from the Day of The Dead celebration. 

Lokai Disney Pixar Coco Bracelet Reviews
Image credit: lokai.com
lokai.com https://lokai.com

The Disney Pixar Coco Bracelet is colorful yet cute. Furthermore, all ages can wear this bracelet, from kids and youngsters to adults. You may even choose sizes from S to XL.

Not only is the design excellent, but also it features water from Mt Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. If you buy this item, you’ll donate 10% of your purchase to the Make-A-Wish organization. 


  • Colorful skull beads
  • Features water and mud 
  • Available in S to XL 
  • 10% of the purchase is donated to Make-A-Wish

So, let’s buy this collaboration bracelet for $22 or join a membership to get the item at only $17.60 now! 

Lokai Pricing

Price is important to prepare how much budget you need before buying the bracelets. Luckily, the price is worth it due to the water from Mt Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. 

The brand sells most of the items for $18. But the one from collaborations ranges from $22 to $48. You may find coupon codes or limited deals through social media. Then, check frequently to get the deals now! 

Lokai Bracelet Meaning

What is inside a Lokai bracelet?

Steven Izen uses the Hawaiian word, Lokahi, which means to blend with the opposites. This name is perfect for his company because he wants everyone to integrate the mindset of the bad and good.

Furthermore, his team explores further to Mount Everest to get the best water and the lowest at the Dead Sea. Therefore, you can set your mind to be humble and hopeful, whatever the condition is. 

Lokai Bracelet Sizing

Before purchasing your favorite theme bracelets, you need to consider the size. It is vital because you do not want to have greater or, even worse, smaller on your wrist. So please follow the step below to have the well-fitted item. 

  1. First, prepare a string, a scissor, and a ruler.
  2. Then, wrap the string around your wrist to your preferred size.
  3. Cut the string and measure the length on a ruler.
  4. After that, suit the number to the size guide.
  5. That’s it! You have the correct size for your wrist. 

So what about the size guide? Here it is. 

Small 6 inches
Medium 6.5 inches
Large 7 inches
X-Large 7.5 inches

Lokai Pros and Cons

This section will allow you to see good and bad points from Lokai. Without further ado, here they are. 

Lokai Pros

  • Bracelets to remind highs and lows
  • Made of silicone beads
  • Involves water from Mt Everest and mud from the Dead Sea
  • Collaborates with famous media
  • Offers membership with 20% discounts 
  • Donates 10% of every purchase to empowerment organizations 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free US shipping on orders of $50
  • The international standard shipping fee is $10
  • 60-day return policy

Lokai Cons 

  • The website is not friendly enough for beginners.

Is Lokai Worth to Buy?

A bracelet is an accessory that can express your personality or independency. Moreover, Lokai is a worth-it accessory company that gives you a perfect bracelet. 

It features elements to enhance your mind to have a positive mindset. Furthermore, you contribute by donating 10% of your purchase to charity. 

So not only can you beautify your wrist, but also you give more caring and help to empowerment organizations. 

Lokai Bracelets Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

I won’t let you skip this Lokai review without reading customer testimonials. This section is vital to inform you about the satisfaction rates. 

Lokai Bracelets Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/livelokai
facebook.com/livelokai https://facebook.com/livelokai

First, here are the ratings of the abovementioned bracelets:

Luckily, the ratings are high. Below is what one customer said concerning the product:

I have worn all kinds of bracelets. This by far has exceeded my expectations. The look, weight, and materials are amazing. My wife wants one now, and I cannot wait to get more!

This customer is delighted due to the well-made bracelets. They fulfill his expectations. Even better, his wife wants one for herself. 

Another one said: 

I love the design, making me smile any time I see it. The quality is amazing, and it comfortably fits. I can’t wait to get more!

This buyer is also happy to have the Coco bracelet. The design makes her smile, and it fits well to her wrist. She wants to purchase more! 

Thus, Lokai performs significantly in providing well-designed and well-fitted bracelets. Many customers love the quality and want to buy another piece! 

How to Contact Lokai

Suppose you want to get assistance, please get in touch with customer service at the following methods:

  • Ask directly through the website’s Live Chat
  • Tell your needs on the blank Contact form
  • Hit direct message on Instagram to @livelokai
  • Send Messenger through Facebook to Live Lokai

The team will respond during weekdays. So please be patient if you do not receive a response on weekends. 

Lokai Bracelet Near Me

I know you are interested in buying bracelets. But do not think about buying a bracelet cheaply because it may be fake. So please buy it through the official website, the nearest reseller, or get the bracelet Amazon. 

Check on which place offers the bracelet through the Store Locator page. Also, you may subscribe to the official website for a 20% discount code the first time buying. So, let’s get the deal! 


Explore deeper on Lokai

This company wants you to understand well concerning the products. So here are the brand’s answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

What is the meaning of Lokai?

Lokai derives from the Hawaiian word, Lokahi, which means unity and blending with opposites. 

What are Lokai bracelets made of?

Bracelets from this company are made of beads. 

Is there actually stuff in Lokai bracelets?

Definitely, yes! The water comes from Mount Everest, and the mud comes from the Dead Sea. 

Do Lokai bracelets break easily?

No, it doesn’t break easily. Instead, the bracelets are durable and long-lasting. 


A bracelet may be your best self-reward because it may state your personality well. By wearing a bracelet from Lokai, you can remind yourself to stay lowkey. 

Not only is the design beautiful, but also it can complete your outfits. So then, let’s check the availability and purchase your preferred bracelets now! 

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