Jenny Bird Reviews

Jenny Bird is a self-taught women’s designer who first launched her handbag product. Then, in 2010, her brand, under the same name as her name, Jenny Bird, released jewelry with trendy designs. 

Jenny Bird Reviews
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This company is famous for its lightweight yet sleek piece of jewelry. Further, the beautiful founder created sunglasses later in 2022. She ensures to use high-quality materials so that the customers are satisfied with their purchases. 

Many customers, which include celebrities, love the products. They are Selena Gomez, Brianne Howey, Ashley Park, even Michael Obama, etc. If you’re a jewelry lover, following these celeb’s journeys is the best thing you can do! 

Many presses, love the look. Vogue tells the readers that its playful design can appeal greatly. It is also featured on ELLE, Who What Wear, and Page Six. With over 195K followers on Instagram and 19K on Facebook, it is worth your attention! 

Then, keep reading this Jenny Bird review if you want to know more about the product, pricing, and testimonials. But let’s see why you should love this company. Without any further ado, let’s delve into the first topic discussion! 

Why Jenny Bird?

Answering the question is easy because you only need to dig deeper into the brand. In addition, you can see a brief explanation that embraces all of Jenny Bird’s plus points. 

Why Jenny Bird?
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Then, look at the list closer! 

Jenny Bird Highlights 

  • Women-owned jewelry business 
  • Designed by a self-taught designer 
  • Manufactured in Qingdao, China 
  • Features a fine jewelry material 
  • Promotes a timeless design that suits all occasions 
  • Worn by many celebrities 
  • Donates 1% of the sales to women empowerment organizations 
  • Provides recyclable packaging 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Obtains many good feedbacks from customers 

What's On Jenny Bird

You may now know that Jenny Bird offers jewelry products. Yet, the beautiful founder also created sunglasses in 2022. Her passion for accessories is huge and unstoppable. So, what can you purchase from this company? 

What's On Jenny Bird
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There are 3 categories in this company: Jewelry, Sunglasses, and Gifts. Below are more expandable explanations of the jewelry part: 

Earrings Necklaces
Anklets Bracelets
Rings Super Solvers

Further, this Jenny Bird review will focus on the all-rounders below: 

Then, let’s dig into the first product now! 

Jenny Bird Nouveaux Puff Earrings Reviews

The ear finery includes hoops and ear cuffs. Yet, classic such as Nouveaux Puff Earrings is too good to be true. It is only 0.34 oz in weight with a 1.03 x 0.97 x 0.65 inches in dimensions. 

Jenny Bird Nouveaux Puff Earrings Reviews
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The sculptural design makes the product ready to show off your charm. Celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber, greatly adore the item! Further, the earrings are available in gold and silver

You can choose your desired shade and complete your appearance with a seamless silhouette. So, where will you wear this piece to? Whatever it is, ensure to secure the lock and walk confidently! 

Jenny Bird Dane Anklet Reviews

A bracelet is delicate, but having an anklet on your foot is a new way to show your beautiful body parts. Wearing this Dane Anklet is the answer you’ve been waiting for! It is available in gold, with two sizes: 9 and 10 inches

Jenny Bird Dane Anklet Reviews
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This flexible steel material features an oval shape. You can add extra 0.75 inches to ensure the anklet comfortably sits on your foot. Further, the product is easy to put on and remove

Merely push the closure into the tube to lock it and vice versa. It is also lightweight; both sizes only weigh 6 grams. Thus, it won’t burden your feet while walking and running! 

Jenny Bird Stevie Chain Necklace Reviews

Wearing Stevie Chain Necklace will immediately improve your mood, even in the worst condition. How so? This beautiful necklace is easy to mix and match on every outfit, whether it is a formal or a daily occasion. 

Jenny Bird Stevie Chain Necklace Reviews
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In addition, it features a high-gloss with 14K gold-dipped brass. The necklace only weighs 1.36 oz with 18 5/8 inches in length. This allows you to shape it to whatever design you prefer with the help of a lobster clasp closure. 

Further, the company uses paperclips since it is now a trend. So, adjust the length of your neck and shape it beautifully, then you’re ready to conquer your bad day! 

Jenny Bird Biggie Chain Bracelet Reviews

Biggie Chain Bracelet, the Miami Cuban link item, is available in gold and silver. It is an elegant compartment to your look for every occasion you attend. 

Jenny Bird Biggie Chain Bracelet Reviews
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Furthermore, it is only 16.4 grams in weight. You can adjust the length you desire thanks to the 3 links of the chain extender.

It is also easy to wear due to the lobster clasp closure! So, where will you wear this beautiful piece into? Ensure to lock the closure, and you’re ready to go!

Jenny Bird Pricing

The section above tells you that the company’s product is reasonably priced. Yet, do you know how much money you should prepare? Look at the table below for more insights! 

Nouveaux Puff Earrings $120.00
Dane Anklet $88.00
Stevie Chain Necklace $158.00
Biggie Chain Bracelet $90.00 $72.00

Jenny Bird Sale 

  • Enjoy a 10% discount code on your first-time order 
  • US and Canada free shipping for orders $100+ 
  • International free shipping for orders $500+ 
  • Buy bulk orders to receive the wholesale price 
  • etc. 

Jenny Bird Pros and Cons

Curiosity is a must-have behavior before you want to purchase a product. Then, let’s see the following pros and cons of this jewelry company now! 


  • High-quality jewelry made for all women of all ages 
  • Suitable for all occasions, from daily to special meetings 
  • Sells through the official site and fashion retailers worldwide 
  • Ships to the US, Canada, and international destinations 
  • Complimentary US and Canada shipping for orders over $100
  • Free international shipping fee for purchases over $500 
  • 14-day return policy 


  • Sale items are final and ineligible for returns 

Jenny Bird Customer Reviews

As discussed in the introduction, this review will include testimonials. You’ll see customers’ satisfaction rate after receiving their company purchases. Then, dig deeper now! 

Jenny Bird Customer Reviews
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First, take a look at the ratings below: 

Below is what a satisfied customer says: 

It is so cute with all outfits. Plus, I never took it off once I swim in the pool, on a cruise, or in the ocean, and it still look amazing! It is such a good quality!

This customer is delighted because the jewelry she buys matches any look. Further, it is incredible and durable in any activities she does. 

Another customer says: 

It is another beautiful piece you can wear every day. So great in quality, and I don’t feel heavy. Loving this necklace a lot!

This customer finds the jewelry quality amazing. She can even wear it for daily occasions without feeling heavy, which is impressive! 

Simply put, Jenny Bird is the best shop you can go to whenever you need jewelry to complete your appearance. Not to worry about the quality because high customer ratings have proven how good this brand is at providing jewelry. 

Is Jenny Bird Worth It?

Not everyone can spend a lot of their budget on jewelry. Say no more because this worth checking-out Jenny Bird allows you to purchase pieces of gorgeous design affordably! 

Is Jenny Bird Worth It?
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In addition, you can leave Reddit because many celebrities adore the brand. Instead, trust the celeb taste in jewelry so that you have more insights to appeal more. 

So, click the following link and choose the design you desire the most. At last, which of them will you purchase first? 

Where to Buy Jenny Bird

The official website is the first place you can visit to purchase the jewel. This place gives you a free shipping perk whenever you fill your cart with a minimum spend. 

Further, this company’s reputation is impressive because it has over 500 authorized retailers worldwide. They are available in NYC, the UK, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. So, which method will you choose? 

Jenny Bird Customer Service

Knowing the contact of customer service is beneficial whenever you face a problem. If it happens to you, please immediately get in touch with the team from methods below: 

You may also send your question through the Live Chat on the official website. The team will reply during the following business hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 7 PM EST
  • Friday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST


Dig deeper on Jenny Bird

Do you want to dig deeper into the brand? Keep reading to find the most asked questions below! 

Where is Jenny Bird from?

This jewelry company is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Is Jenny Bird good quality?

Definitely! The company only uses premium quality fine jewelry to create the products. 

Does Jenny Bird jewelry tarnish?

If your piece of jewelry gets water frequently, the product may tarnish. Therefore, ensure to keep it away from liquid things to keep the quality high. 

What celebrities wear Jenny Bird?

They are Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Obama, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, etc. 

Is Jenny Bird waterproof?

The fully plated is durable and waterproof. Yet, you can’t keep it close to water frequently because the material may tarnish. 


Jenny Bird is a company offering lightweight jewelry with a sleek design. This Ontario-based brand allows you to mix and match outfits with affordable accessories made of fine materials. 

Further, you can get discounts or even earrings sales if you subscribe to the official website. Therefore, are you ready to go shopping now? Check out your lovely design and start purchasing! 

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